Ribbon Bundles
Two-yard cotton bundles. Assorted patterns and colors.
Using the Norwegian Cradle Loom by Lila Nelson
Newly revised! Lila Nelson, previous Vesterheim Textile Curator, originally wrote these instructions for how to use the cradle loom in 1977. Includes detailed drawings and updated full-color pictures. Softcover.
Animal Needle Felting Kits by Laura Berlage
Make your own cute and fun new friends using wool from the sheep at Laura's Erindale Tapestry Studio. Kit includes everything you need to start and complete this project, including a link to video tutorials. Laura lives and works on her...
Nordic Bottle or Can Holder
Insulated bottle or can holder for your favorite Viking beverage. Assorted trim design hand made by Lanesboro artist Lynn Susag.
Norway's Knitted Heritage by Annemor Sundbø
The History, Surprises, and Legacy of Traditional Nordic Sweater Patterns Nordic knitting designs have long enchanted the world. What makes their allure and beauty so timeless? The answer is fascinating, and expert Annemor Sundbø welcomes you to join her on...
Norwegian Tapestry Weaving by Maria Brekke Koppen
The classic book on Norwegian tapestry. Profusely illustrated with over 220 black and white drawings, photographs, and 4 color plates. The translation combines the 1978 and 1988 editions. It includes: history, joining techniques (especially the Norwegian dovetail), looms, designing, weaving...
Nordic Ornament by David & Lynn Susag
Sheepskin Christmas ornament by David and Lynn Susag, inspired by the patterns found on skinnfell blankets in Norway using wooden blocks for the printing. Come in various shapes. 2 x 2.5 inches.
Norwegian Pick Up Bandweaving
For the first time in English, here's a complete book about Norwegian pick-up bandweaving—from its fascinating history to beautiful bands you can make yourself, with more than 100 pattern charts from bands in museum collections, including Vesterheim's. Meticulously researched, easy-to-read,...
Vesterheim Magazine Vol. 19 No. 2 2021 – Dressed
Vesterheim is published twice a year, featuring in-depth articles focusing on the museum's priceless collections of artifacts, Norwegian-American history and culture, and up-to-date information on all museum events, classes, tours, and education opportunities. The magazine is a benefit to Vesterheim members...
The Warp-Weighted Loom (Kljásteinavefstadurinn Oppstadveven)
By Hildur Hakonardottir, Elizabeth Johnston, and Marta Kløve Juul. Edited by Randi Andersen and Atle Ove Martinussen. For almost six years, these authors have inspired each other and others to contribute to this interdisciplinary book about the North Atlantic cultural...
Real Slate White Chalk Pencils from Pepperell
Made of solid wood, these pencils contain the smoothest chalk. The package contains 4 jumbo-size 10 mm pencils and one cast metal sharpener.
Real Slate Colored Chalk Pencils from Pepperell
Made of solid wood, these pencils contain the smoothest chalk. The package contains 4 jumbo-size 10 mm pencils and one cast metal sharpener.
Mend & Patch by Kerstin Neumüller
A handbook to repairing clothes and textiles. With this guide to mending and patching, you don’t have to say goodbye to your worn favorite clothes. Whether you are nervous at the sight of a needle, or can thread one with...
Aase Pewter Button
Aase pewter buttons from Norway. Perfect addition to your Norwegian sweater, busserull shirt, or Nordic style wear of your choice! 
from $3.00
Flag Cup Cozy from Susan Fosse
Trained in knitwear design in London, Susan Fosse launched her own design label in Norway in 1992. A Susan Fosse design combines comfort with contemporary style in a classic timeless pieces that will give you years of pleasure. The images...

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