Hanging Ornaments by Ellen Kerbs
Beautiful hanging ornaments hand-painted with original rosemaling by Ellen Kerbs, Vesterheim Gold Medalist. Colors and designs vary slightly.
Ornament with Rosemaling by Donna Bergan
This beautiful rosemaling ornament is perfect as a gift or for yourself!  3 x 4 inches.
Mug with Rosemaling by Nordic Folk
Wheel-thrown stoneware mug with handpainted rosemaling. 4 1/2 inches tall x 3 inches wide. Comes in both Os and Telemark rosemaling styles. Available only at Vesterheim!
Nordic Bottle or Can Holder
Insulated bottle or can holder for your favorite Viking beverage. Assorted trim design hand made by Lanesboro artist Lynn Susag.
Artisan One (Carat) Necklace by Harley Refsal
A unique “one-carat” necklace that will draw admiration from friends and strangers alike. Recognized nationally and internationally for his skills, Vesterheim Gold Medlaist, Harley Refsal, received a coveted award from the King of Norway.
Lefse Turning Stick with Kolrosing Design
Be inspired while you make lefse with this beautiful lefse-turning stick decorated with a kolrosing design by Lanesboro, Minnesota, artisan Lynn Susag. Sticks are roughly 23 inches long. Designs are unique to each items and vary slightly.
Leaf Necklace by Harley Refsal
This hand-carved necklace that will draw attention from friends and strangers alike. Recognized nationally and internationally for his woodworking skills, Vesterheim Gold Medalist, Harley Refsal, has received a coveted award from the King of Norway, among other honors. Comes on...
Velkommen Plaque with Original Telemark Rosemaling by Ellen Kerbs
Artist Statement:I began rosemaling by attending decorative painting conventions once a year in the 80s. I took classes from Vi Thode, Gary Albrecht, and Ruth Green. Unfortunately, it would be only for one day a year. Then I found out...
Nativity Chip Carved Triptych
This popular mini-nativity scene is handcrafted by Bob and Mary Ristow. Solid wood with hinged panels, 4.5 x 3.5 inches.
Lefse Sticks with Rosemaling by Kim Garrett
Add beautiful rosemaling design to your traditional lefse turning stick – essential for making this delicious Norwegian flatbread.  Kim started rosemaling 12 years ago and has been painting ever since. She has studied with several Vesterheim rosemaling Gold Medalists. She also has studied...
Wooden Baby Spoon
Hand-carved by Jeff Ward. Comfort fit for adult hands to feed your little Norse!
Toothpick Holder by Scott Johnson
With kolrosing by Scott Johnson, Vesterheim Gold Medalist in Woodworking and in Knifemaking.
Miniature Corner Cupboard with Rosemaling by Norma Wangsness
This adorable corner cupboard is a perfect decoration for folk art and rosemaling fans. 3 x 4.25 inches. Norma Wangsness is a Vesterheim Gold Medalist and professional artist who lives in Decorah, Iowa.
Juice Cup with Rosemaling by Nordic Folk
Wheel-thrown stoneware juice cup with handpainted rosemaling in the Telemark style. 3 inches tall x 3 inches wide.  Available only at Vesterheim!
Home Sweet Home Plaque by Ellen Kerbs
With original Telemark rosemaling by Ellen Kerbs, Vesterheim Gold Medalist. 9.5 x 6 inches.

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