Scandinavian Style Fish and Seafood Recipes by Melinda Bradnan with illustrations by David Fitzsimmons


A full "kettle of fish" from a number of sources – old, authentic Scandinavian cookbooks; some of the best Scandinavian cooks; and the author's own cache. Includes tips and hints for the key to preparing delicious fish dishes, even caviar and crayfish. "Cold Table Foods" feature appetizers, salads, dressings, and open-face sandwiches. "Hot and Saucy Fish" include boiled, poached, broiled, baked, and fried fish dishes with a variety of savory sauces. "Soups and Chowders" presents hearty fare such as a crab stew. "On the Hook and In the Net" is a miscellany of traditional foods such as lutefisk pudding and some of the most unique carp burgers.

Softcover, spiral bound, 4 by 5 inches.

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