Setesdal Ale Hen Bowl by Louise Bath


This is an Embellishment exhibit piece. Available to pick up or have shipped after January 5, 2024.

Artist Statement: Ale bowls were very important to Norwegian life and used for celebrations of life on Norwegian farms. The household hosting the event brewed the ale and farmers brought their own bowls to drink from. These ale bowls often were their prized possessions. These bowls could be in the shape of birds such as ale ducks, ale geese, or ale hens. I enjoyed embellishing this ale hen in the Setesdal rosemaling style.

I discovered rosemaling 30 years ago and knew I wanted to explore this extraordinary style of painting. I received a Vesterheim Gold Medal in Rosemaling in 2017. My exploration of this beautiful art has continued. I enjoy painting in Trøndelag, Agder, Os, Rogaland, and Setesdal styles. Painted ale bowls in all shapes are part of a great Norwegian tradition and that inspired this piece.

Dimensions: h 5 ½” x w 5 ½” x d 3” x L 15”

Materials: wood

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