Freia Melkesjokolade - 60 Grams
Milk chocolate from Norway's oldest and best-known chocolate factory. There is no other chocolate like Freia, and their tasty delicacies have been enhancing tables for years. 60 grams.
Hedgehog Silicone Dish Brush by Norpro
This dish or vegetable brush can also be used as a potholder or as a lint brush when dry. Easy to clean and quick-drying – just drop in the dishwasher and no more residue! The hedgehog eye can be used as a hook...
Horse Socks from Bengt & Lotta - White
Bengt & Lotta have won world-wide fans for their playful, happy designs inspired by their Scandinavian countries. 100% merino wool.Bengt & Lotta have won world-wide fans for their playful, happy designs inspired by their Scandinavian countries. 100% merino wool.
Icelandic Sea Salt Dark Chocolate
Two bars of Noi Sirius Icelandic 70% dark chocolate with sea salt, 7.05 oz. (200 g). Made with "cocoa horizons" sustainable cocoa.
Icelandic Toffee Chocolate
Two bars of Noi Sirius Icelandic toffee chocolate, 7.05 oz. Milk chocolate made with "cocoa horizons" sustainable cocoa.
Lingonberry Earrings
For more than 40 years, FinnFeelings has been handcrafting beautiful and luxurious jewelry with a timeless aesthetic. Using silver, gold, and genuine gems, each stone is a one-of-a-kind gift for a special recipient or addition to your own collection of...
Marius Pattern Mini Spatula Set
The Marius pattern, designed in 1953, is the most knitted pattern in Norway. It is considered a Norwegian icon, symbolizing the Norwegian's passions for the outdoors and their love of Norwegian nature. Use this set of 2 mini spatulas for...
Marius Towel and Table Runner from Ekelund
The designer Unn Soiland made history in the 1950s, designing new innovative handknit patterns, and using wool with bright colors. This became popular and "Norwegian sweaters" became a great international fashion. The Marius design later became a Norwegian icon by...
from $18.95
Stryn Trees Bag from Susan Fosse
One of Susan’s favorite places—no road, no people just a stunning view on a summer afternoon at Segestad in Stryn. After completing her BA (Hons) degree in knitwear design in London, Susan returned to her roots in Norway in 1992...
Three Spoon Heart Sølje Earrings - Oxidized Silver with Silver Spoons
Sølje is Norway’s traditional jewelry. It's dangling spoons once were thought to reflect evil away from the wearer, protecting them from trolls and other dangers, especially in times of transition. Sølje is a great gift for a variety of occasions. Pendant is one inch...
Velkommen Plaque with Original Telemark Rosemaling by Ellen Kerbs
Artist Statement:I began rosemaling by attending decorative painting conventions once a year in the 80s. I took classes from Vi Thode, Gary Albrecht, and Ruth Green. Unfortunately, it would be only for one day a year. Then I found out...
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