Viking Helmet Necklace


Odin: The Norse Collection by Nirvana

This beautiful, lead-free pewter pendant representing a Viking Helmet

The Viking Warrior fought for the glory of his Gods. Above all, he fought to gain the favor of Odin, lord of Valhalla, where the warrior hoped to go after his death. Although the elders were honored among the Vikings, the greatest honor was to die in battle, an act that commanded the attention of Odin, who called the warrior's departing spirit to join him in Valhalla. The Viking warrior wanted to be as brave as the gods themselves, and to be
remembered as one of the heroes among his people. Although the Vikings are remembered for their raids on the villages of England, Ireland and France, most of their wars were between rival clans and kingdoms, so that most of their fighting was in defense of their homes, hearths, and families.

Pendant dimensions: 1.13in L x 1.5in W

Cord length: 33in

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