Vestlandsbånd by Randi Stoltz


Learn to weave from the Westland's most skilled in the field: Randi Stoltz, Åse Vatshelle, and Beate Skogstrand. The patterns have an increasing degree of difficulty throughout the book. You can start with simple ribbons, learn more picking techniques and eventually progress to bunad belts and other wide ribbons where you have to keep track of many threads and techniques at the same time. It requires both concentration and patience, but the result is guaranteed to be worth the effort.

You will also learn how to make decorative end pieces and tassels on belts and ribbons. Bands were important in farming society, and they had both practical and ritual functions. The overwhelming wealth of patterns has transfer value, for example to knitting. Weaving ribbons requires little space and equipment, but the possibilities for variation are great. Learn a technique that is old, and moreover almost forgotten!

This book has an open spine. This is a conscious design choice so that the book will lie better when it is open and in use. Hardcover.

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