Tre og Metall: materialer verktøy metoder by Staffan Nilsson and Anders Mattsson


Wood and metal; materials, tools and methods.

Wood and metal are materials that we surround ourselves with all the time, for example in buildings, furniture, and handicrafts. Both materials are exciting and have unique properties.

This introductory book describes our most common types of wood and metals, what they look like and what kind of properties they have. Various applications, techniques, and suitable tools and machines are also discussed here. 

The book provides the necessary basic knowledge in wood and metal crafts, at the same time as it is inspiring and conveys creative joy.

Anders Mattsson is a master carpenter and has for many years worked as a teacher in wood crafts.

Staffan Nilsson is a silversmith and has many years of teaching experience. Both authors have previously written books in their respective fields.


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