The Warp-Weighted Loom (Kljásteinavefstadurinn Oppstadveven)


By Hildur Hakonardottir, Elizabeth Johnston, and Marta Kløve Juul. Edited by Randi Andersen and Atle Ove Martinussen.

For almost six years, these authors have inspired each other and others to contribute to this interdisciplinary book about the North Atlantic cultural heritage, represented by the warp-weighted loom. The result is a story in three parts—loom history in Iceland, Shetland, and Norway; an exceptional practical handbook, which also shows the strong connection between science and good practical handicraft; and textile findings from prehistoric and historic times.

This book is an absolute necessity for those arranging courses in these old techniques. Main text is in English and important patterns are also in Icelandic and Norwegian. Note that the book spine is woven rather than having a traditional book binding, which serves the practical purpose of allowing the book to lie completely flat when opened.

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