The Viking Game Hnefatafl


The Viking Game "Hnefatafl," pronounced nef-ah-tah-fel, is one of the oldest games in the world and was the most popular board game of its time. The word Hnefatafl means the King's Table. Hnefatafl is a chess-like tactical warfare game and the strategy is on a par with that of chess. It is easy to learn and fun for the whole family and it is not necessary to be a chess player to enjoy the game.

This Hnefatafl set has beautiful imitation ebony and ivory pieces reminiscent of the famous Isle of Lewis chess men and the "board" is printed on woven textile, giving a nice medieval feel to the set. The cloth game board measures approximately 11.5 by 11.5 inches, and contains 11 by 11 squares. The king is 1.75 inches tall, and the pawns are 1.25 inches tall.

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