Sigmund Aarseth: Norway Painted in Light and Color


Best known for his landscape paintings in his native Norway, Sigmund is renowned in the United States as a master rosemaler. His paintings capture beautifully the many seasons and moods of Norway.

This book takes you on a journey through the mountains and the valleys painted with lush strokes of color and light. With the commentary of his artist daughter, Marit, and designed by his son, Gudmund, you will be able to see and experience the Aarseth home interiors and their family life in its idyllic setting in the mountain landscape of Norway.

Sigmund Aarseth is one of Norway's premier contemporary artists. He embraces the legacy and tradition of his Norwegian forefathers in art. Sigmund develops his own unique and personal style that transforms everyday and often commonplace objects, places and points in time to brilliant, bold alla prima (all at once) brush strokes and a dynamic color palette. His work expresses the heart and soul of the natural world in Norway. Color, shape, texture, and light are transformed and modified through his art to portray his Norway, his place, his spirit, and the art spirit of the land and people – Norwegian poetry in color and light.

English/Norwegian texts. Hardcover.

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