Norway's Knitted Heritage by Annemor Sundbø


The History, Surprises, and Legacy of Traditional Nordic Sweater Patterns

Nordic knitting designs have long enchanted the world. What makes their allure and beauty so timeless? The answer is fascinating, and expert Annemor Sundbø welcomes you to join her on the adventure of appreciating your favorite Nordic patterns in a new way.

Now available in English for the first time, this book won Norway's prestigious Sørlandets literary prize in 2020. More than 800 color and black and white images take you through the mountains and fjords of Norway with knitting in mind. As Sundbø shows us, Norway's knits hold real-life tales of burial customs, royals wearing knits, nation building after the Napoleonic Wars, child labor, female role models and ski fashion, and the sustainability of knitting through history and today. How did folk costumes morph into hiking gear? What messages have the Norwegian myths left in the patterns we knit today?

A pattern bank contains dozens of knitting grids for authentic traditional designs, ready for you to continue the amazing journey with a new appreciation.


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