Legend of Siljatjern Seter: Life, Love and Faith on a Norwegian Mountain Dairy by Gunlaug Nokland


A Bilingual novel in English and Norwegian. 

English translated by Liv Nordem Lyons.
English edited by Jo Ann B. Winistorfer.
Published by Deb Nelson Gourley, Astri My Astri Publishing.

Legend of Siljatjern Seter tells the story of Mette agreeing to take a summer job as a budeie (dairy maid) on an old-fashioned demonstration dairy called Siljatjern (Silja’s pond) Seter. There in the heart of the Norwegian mountains, she discovers the love of her life, helps solve an ancient mystery, and renews her faith in God. The author, Gunlaug Nøkland, from girlhood had interests in husflid (Norwegian folk art) and farming traditions. She learned spinning, weaving, dying wool, and linen production from her maternal grandmother as well as later studied textile production of wool, linen and cotton materials, and old Norwegian traditions. Included in the bilingual English Norwegian book are pictures and recipes from the old mountain seter life. Gunlaug and her family live on a farm in Vest-Agder, in Southern Norway.
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