Naglfar Thors Hammer Pendant by Sylvsmidja


Dimensions: 26 x 34 mm


The design is taken from the rivets in the Myklebust ship and the handle on the staff in a female grave from the 10th century. The name is from Norse mythology—Naglfar is the world's largest Viking ship, which was to sail into the great battle at Ragnorok, the end of the world. 

This piece is part of the Sagastad Viking Jewelry collection by Sylvsmidja.

Sylvsmidja is Norway’s largest producer of bunad (Norwegian traditional dress) silver, crafting exquisite jewelry and accessories since 1940. The company symbol, an ancient drinking horn, is a unique registered hallmark that is stamped on all products and has been with founders master goldsmith Leif Johannessen and his wife Betzy since they established the workshop in Voss.

Size :
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