History of Lovespoons: The Art and Traditions of a Romantic Craft by David Western


For centuries, hand-carved wooden lovespoons have been used to demonstrate the deepest levels of love and affection. The history of this craft is steeped in rich tradition and symbolism.

Inside History of Lovespoons, readers will learn how this beautiful and unique tradition came into being, and the significance of the symbols carved into almost every lovespoon handle. Filled with rich, vivid pictures of lovespoons from across Europe and Africa, and accompanied by their historical facts and legends, this book offers a highly engaging way to understand and appreciate this ancient romantic tradition. A special chapter on lovespoon symbols takes an in-depth look at both traditional and modern lovespoons, examining the evocative symbols carved on their handles and explaining their significance and mystery to the reader.

David Western, prominent lovespoon artist and the author of The Fine Art of Carving Lovespoons, applies his knowledge, perspective, and insight to give the reader an all-encompassing view of the history of heirloom lovespoons.


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