Gotland Dragon Necklace


Odin: The Norse Collection by Nirvana

This beautiful, lead-free pewter pendant representing a Gotland Dragon.

This pendant shows a Viking style dragon. It comes from Gotland, an island off the coast
of Sweden. To the Vikings, the dragon was a symbol of power and fulfillment. The dragon
hoarded gold and, it is said, beautiful virgins. These were also prizes the Vikings plundered from the villages they raided. The dragon evokes the power of the sky, where they flew, the mountains where they lived, and the power of fire that appeared in their very
breath. The dragon was thought of as a beast of incredible power. No living creature could
challenge it and live. So also was the power of the Vikings, who stormed undefeatable through northern Europe.

Pendant dimensions: 1.56in L x 1.38in W

Cord length: 33in

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