Folkekunsten i Numedal by Gry Charlotte Ljøterud Andersen


This is a presentation of the style and motif development of Numedal-style rosemaling from 1700 to 1880.

Gry Charlotte Ljøterud Andersen from Kongsberg, Norway, died in the spring of 2020 at age 54. She had for many years worked at the Lågdalsmuseet in Kongsberg. In 1995 she majored in art history with folk art in Numedal as a theme. With that main task, she put folk art in Numedal in a new framework and a new light.

Many have seen and assessed the folk art in this somewhat anonymous valley, but no one has had such insight and professional weight as Gry Charlotte Ljøterud Andersen. Her insight meant that she dared to look at connections that no one had seen before. The knowledge she acquired meant that she could go deeper into the material and put details in contexts that no one had seen before.

In 2003 she collaborated with Nils Ellingsgård on the book Rosemåling i Numedal. 

Hardcover. Text in Norwegian.

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