Dette umaadelige hav by Kari Grønningsæter


From the autumn of 1913 to the autumn of 1914, Karoline "Ninna" Saanum (aged 22) took part in a round-the-world voyage with the full-rigger Svaland av Kristiansand, owned by Stray's shipping company where her father Johan A. Saanum was captain. 

Along the way, she documented her experiences in diary entries and photographs with her own camera. While the world entered a brutal world war, Svaland sailed the great oceans, for several weeks unaware of what was happening on the mainland. 

Kari Grønningsæter, who is Ninna's granddaughter, together with Nicholas E. Preus from Iowa, USA, collected letters and other documentation from the eventful journey from Helsingør to Australia, and from there, on to Cardiff, Wales. Kari Grønningsæter is from Kristiansand and employed at UiA. She lives in Bø in Telemark.

 This book is written in Norwegian Bokmål.

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