Carving Small Characters in Wood Jack Price


Making tedious wood carving techniques more approachable, Carving Small Characters in Wood offers simple methods in a smaller format to carve compact caricatures with personality.
With step-by-step directions and photography, you'll be able to learn and appreciate this form of miniature character wood carving.
Starting off with basic lessons on carving the body and face then progressing into greater challenges like creating ears, hairstyles, and grimaces, author and renowned caricature woodcarver Jack Price is the leading voice to learn from on how to carve small statuettes!
A well-respected carver, Price is also the author of the popular books 
Carving Compact Characters and 50 Character Patterns for Woodcarvers.
Beginning his career in 1975, he has been specializing in compact figures since 1978, with most of his work ranging from 2-3 inches in height.


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