Blomane Ropa På Meg! Rosemålaren Knut K. Hovden by Sigrunn Lie Brattekås and and Knut Buen


The flowers are calling me! The rose painter Knut K. Hovden

Knut K. Hovden (1893 – 1983) was an innovator in rose painting in Norway in the 20th century. He created a space for this decorative tradition during a time of competition from other styles. Hovden was a cultural figure, a storyteller, and mediator, who influenced many. He had a very long painting career and left behind many large works. He was a pioneer in collecting old rose painting from Telemark and Ryfylke. He was a teacher in rose painting at Ryfylke Arbeidsskule for 32 years, ran countless courses, and had his own apprentices until he was almost 90 years old.

Sigrunn Lie Brattekås from Eidsborg, Norway, is a teacher and author of a number of local history books and articles. Knut Buen from Tuddal, Norway, is a fiddle player, cultural entrepreneur, author, and rose painter who apprenticed with Hovden and was his close friend. 

Norwegian text. Hardcover.

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