2024-05-22 – Experimental Archaeology: Recreating Goods Found in Grave #619 in Birka Sweden (Webinar)



Wednesday, May 22 (7:00-8:00 pm CT)


Steph Anderson


This is an online webinar hosted on Zoom. 


In this webinar, Steph Anderson will talk us through what goes into the study and recreation of Birka grave Bj 619. The goal of this project was to look at the archaeological notes from 1877 when it was first discovered, and textile analysis from 1974, then to create an interpretation of the grave. This would not have current fashion or Hollywood influences. This grave dates back to the late 700s to early 800s. Steph will walk us through the process of research, talking to archaeologists, and working with the Museum of Natural History in Stockholm, textile producers, blacksmiths, and others to get as historically accurate information as possible. Let her introduce you to the woman of Bj 619, and she will give you a brief glimpse into her life.


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May 15, 2024


Learn more about instructor Steph Anderson here.


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