Lefse Turning Stick with Kolrosing Design
Be inspired while you make lefse with this beautiful lefse-turning stick decorated with a kolrosing design by Lanesboro, Minnesota, artisan Lynn Susag. Sticks are roughly 23 inches long. Designs are unique to each items and vary slightly.
Wooden Baby Spoon
Hand-carved by Jeff Ward. Comfort fit for adult hands to feed your little Norse!
Toothpick Holder by Scott Johnson
With kolrosing by Scott Johnson, Vesterheim Gold Medalist in Woodworking and in Knifemaking.
Cone Roller by Lynn and David Susag
Beautifully handcrafted cone roller with svidekor (wood burning) design by woodworkers Lynn and David Susag. Six inches in length and 1.75 inches width at top of cone. Designs are unique to each one and vary.
Striped Boards by Women's Sawing Circle
Enjoy this engraved dala horse design and beautiful striped wood pattern. 10 x 6.25 x .6 inches.
Bowls by David Susag
Beautiful hand-turned painted bowls by David Susag. Each one is slightly different. Tell us know your preference in the comments when checking out, or let us choose. Red with blue trim - 2 inches tall and 4.25 inches in diameter.Brown - 1.5 inches...
Birch Bark Bowl by Paul Anderson
Beautiful hand-carved bowl by Paul Anderson. Diamond Pattern - 11 x 8.5 inches.
from $125.00
Whale Spoon by Jeff Ward
Original wooden spoon in the shape of a whale! By woodworker Jeff Ward. 8.5 x 2.5 inches. Choose from left or right handed!
Bowl with Natural Bark Edge by Philip Holtan
This beautiful bowl from Philip Holtan is hand-turned with a natural bark edge.
Turned Bowl by David Susag
David Susag, from Lanesboro, Minnesota, uses a spring pole lathe to make these beautiful original hand-turned painted bowls. Each one is different. Roughly 4 to 6 inches in diameter and 2 to 3 inches high.
from $50.00
Reproduction Bowl by Roger Abrahamson
From Roger Abrahamson: I specialize in the creation of reproduction quality, traditional old-world-style folk-art ceremonial ale bowls. My work is inspired by objects created by tradespeople and cherished by families for generations from the Viking age through modern times. I...
Pair of Triangular Hourglass Candle Holders
Pair of wooden candle holders made from Elm. 15 inches tall and 3.125 inches diameter at bottom. Ridge at top keep candle in place. Maximum candle size is 2.25 in diameter
Y-Shaped Wooden Tea Candle Holder
This beautiful candle holder made from Elm comes with a 2-inch tea candle. 6 inches tall and 6 inches at the widest.
Chip Carved Clock by Paul Anderson
Beautiful chip carved clock by woodworker Paul Anderson. 10 inches diameter, clock face is 3 inches diameter.

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