Face Masks with Norwegian Patterns
Face Masks 100% cotton. Standard size - 6 1/2 inches tall x 8 inches wide.
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Sandviken Women's Cardigan from Susan Fosse
Classic and comfortable! Gorgeous pewter buttons with a Viking ship motif and 100% wool braiding enhance the rich design. The design is inspired by Mount Sandviken, one of the seven mountains that surround the beautiful city of Bergen. Navy. Trained...
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Norwegian Flag Knitted Hat
Original design by Rokk Norwegian Brand. 100% acrylic. One size fits most. 
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Buff by Susan Fosse of Norway
A collection of personal images taken by Susan along the West coast of Norway printed onto a polyester buff. When you first get used to using your buff, you won´t want to leave the house without it. So practical and...
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Christiania Women's Jacket from Dale of Norway
A skin-soft merino wool jacket influenced by the fashion trends of the early twentieth century. Featuring Norwegian patterns, decorative roll-up cuff, and flattering side panels, this cardigan is named after Christiania, a well-known woman's name from Norwegian history and the...
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Viking Hat from Susan Fosse
Did the Vikings ever have helmets with horns? Susan Fosse postulates that they did and they may possibly have been knitted in wool, which is why they haven´t survived to this day. This Viking hat has "aerodynamic" horns and a...
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Ulriken Mittens from Susan Fosse
Keeping traditions alive! The old eight-leafed rose used frequently in Norwegian patterns is inspired by the fauna and flora in the wonderful Norwegian landscape. Hand knit. Black. Trained in knitwear design in London, Susan Fosse launched her own design label...
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Face Mask - Viking Size
Large size of 7 inches long x 8 1/2 inches wide, with longer ear loops. Patterns vary.
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Rundemann Headband from Susan Fosse
So practical for him or her! Adjustable velcro fastening and the soft fleece lining comfy against your forehead. Ideal to wear when you don´t need a hat.. Trained in knitwear design in London, Susan Fosse launched her own design label...
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140th Anniversary Women's Jacket from Dale of Norway
This jacket pays homage to the Norwegian knitting tradition Dale has been a part of for 140 years. Made with 100% long-lasting lightweight wool, this classic features the traditional Norwegian eight-petal rose, a long-time motif of Dale. The rose is...
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Nordic Winter Cardigan Sweater for Women by Baltic Inspirations
The art and craft of wool-making and garment-knitting on the coast of the Baltic Sea has been part of folk culture in Estonia for over 800 years. From this small country a precious few of these garments are available to...
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Traditional Solberg Busserull
Hovden Formal Farm Wear creates clothing for today's lifestyle inspired by traditional work clothes, such as the 150-year-old Scandinavian work shirt, the busserull. Handmade by craftsmen in Europe and the United States, these high-quality garments use 100% natural fabrics and...
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Alvøen Hat from Susan Fosse
A wonderfully warm, snug, and good looking hat with earflaps, a fleece lining, and a pom-pom on top. Perfect for those colder days skiing, snowboarding or going for hikes. Matches the Alvøen Scarf or your Susan Fosse cardigan or sweater....
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Yggdrasil Mittens from Öjbro Vantfabrik
Dangerously warm 100% Merino woolens from Sweden! Size medium fits 7-9 inch circumference.Navy.
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Evalina & Ewald Mittens from Öjbro Vantfabrik
Dangerously warm 100% Merino woolens from Sweden! Size medium fits 7-9 inch circumference.Yellow Ochre.
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Peace Women's Sweater From Dale of Norway
A feminine sweater originally designed for the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics. With pewter heart zipper pull and eight-petal rose pattern, it symbolizes the Olympic Concept of Peace. Feminine fit 100% long-lasting wool  Norwegian-made pewter heart zipper pull Designed and knitted...
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