Pickup Bandweaving with a Bandgrin (Online)
The woven band played an important role in traditional Norwegian clothing. Bands were used to close or support clothing in ways that we now use buttons, zippers, snaps, and velcro. They also added beauty and interest to an item of...
from $105.00
Planning the Dye Garden (Online)
In this workshop, students will learn how to design a garden that integrates dye plants, pollinator habitat, useful things, and that beautiful Scandinavian wildflower look. Not only will we discuss plants, but we'll think about layout, integrating flowers into veggie...
from $95.00
Weaving Rya on a Warp-Weighted Loom
Rya weaving is one of the oldest forms of weaving in Norway and dates to the Iron Age. A rya was a prized possession because the insulating qualities of its shaggy pile were an essential part of staying warm. Woven...
from $350.00
Card Weaving (Online)
Join Vesterheim Gold Medalist Laura Demuth and explore not only a popular traditional Scandinavian handcraft but also a popular cultural folk-art form practiced across the globe in varied textile traditions. The woven band played an important role in traditional Norwegian clothing. Bands were...
from $105.00
Level 1 Introduction to Tapestry Weaving (Online)
Curious about how tapestries are made and ready to try your hand at pictorial weaving? This most ancient form of textile creation is rich with history and invitation for creative expression. Master weaver Laura Berlage will take you on a...
from $290.00
Valley Grove Project: Contemporary Billedvev Tapestry Weaving (Online)
Two beautiful churches, one in stone and one painted white, sit atop a hill near Nerstrand, Minnesota. Valley Grove Church was founded in the 1860s by Norwegian immigrants. Today the buildings and surrounding oak savannah prairie are restored and maintained...
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