Strokes of Love Coloring Book by Betty Dowe
36 pages of coloring fun or a book of patterns!  Includes the history and types of rosemaling, so you can learn about them while you color. The pages are perforated so you can easily remove them to color or frame. Softcover.
Viking Felt Finger Puppet
Have fun with this cute little felt finger puppet! Handmade by Gamcha in Nepal.
Norwegian Horse Kit
Make a playful Norwegian Fjord horse with 16 real Lego bricks. 1.75 inches tall.
Rainbow Bricks 1000 Piece Puzzle from Lego
LEGO fans, this jigsaw puzzle is the LEGO® challenge you’ve been waiting for. These 1,000 pieces come together to reveal bricks in all shades of the LEGO rainbow—from Bright Red to Earth Blue to Cool Yellow and everything in between. Fun...
Miniature Elves Mobile
Danish design paper mobile handmade in Denmark. Includes 4 elf heads on string ready for hanging.
Anja and the Reindeer Puzzle
Have fun with Anja and her animal friends while doing this charming puzzle. Inspired by The Christmas Wish by the New York Times bestselling authors Lori Elbert and Per Breiehagen.  104 pieces, 17 x 11 inches, ages 6+.
Baa Mobile from Klippan
This adorable baby mobile is hand-felted, 100% wool. Klippan products use natural raw materials of wool, cotton, and linen that have fantastic benefits not found in synthetic fibers. This makes it possible to ensure high quality while being environmental friendly....
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