Coffee Salt by Salty
Made with Sandhill Dark Roast Coffee and triple-smoke Norwegian sea salt!  This bold coffee and smoke flavor with a little sweet heat is great on steaks, beef, chicken, pork, popcorn, eggs, asparagus, and more. Use on almost anything to add a pop....
Wanderlust Salt by Salty
If you dream of the perfect salty seasoning for a nice juicy steak, this just might be it! It's made with flake sea salt, garlic, onion, and black pepper plus an Herbes de Provence blend of thyme, lavender flowers, rosemary,...
Zesty Pickle Salt by Salty
This fresh, crisp flake sea salt is hand-harvested from the Norwegian Sea and blended with over a dozen pickling spices then added to roasted garlic sea salt and ground to a finer grain. It's a perfect rub for seasoning chicken,...
Hot Salt by Salty
Made with Louisiana-inspired flavors and Norwegian flake sea salt, this pleasant level of heat adds a ton of great flavor – perfect on veggies, steaks, beef, chicken, pork, eggs, pasta, garlic bread, and more. Use on almost anything to add...
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