Color Mixing for Rosemalers (Online)
Who needs color charts? Proofing colors before painting a project can improve the color balance! Simplifying your palette can also improve color balance. In this class, we will make color charts to keep track of our mixes and we’ll do...
from $110.00
Continuing the Basic Strokes of Rosemaling: Hallingdal Style (Online)
If you have already tackled one of the Introduction to Basic Stroke Work of Rosemaling classes with Lise, we welcome you back with fun sessions to continue your journey and learn basic stroke work with a new pattern and project! Join...
from $130.00
Introduction to Rosemaling: Viksdal Style (Online)
If you’ve ever thought about trying rosemaling, here’s a great opportunity to take the brush in hand! Rosemaling is an iconic and traditional Norwegian folk art. The class will include demonstrations and plenty of hands-on practice. Students will be provided...
from $130.00
Linework and Strokework in Rosemaling (Online)
Challenge your rosemaling skills and hone your linework skills by exploring your freehand painting abilities in a fun Easter-themed project. We will push aside patterns and use examples provided by the instructor as inspiration while you develop your linework and...
from $115.00
Rogaland: The Integration of Telemark, Hallingdal, and Agder Styles
The stylist interpretations of the combined elements from Telemark, Hallingdal, and Agder (Rococo and Baroque) were used to create Rogaland/Ryfylke style. This class will focus on the study of Rogaland/Ryfylke and will include a discussion on how the elements from...
from $350.00
Rosemaling Inspired by Oskar Kjetsaa (Online)
Oskar Kjetsaa was an incredibly creative Norwegian rosemaler. He used characteristics of Telemark, Hallingdal, and other rosemaling styles to create a style all his own. In this class we will focus on the characteristics of Oskar’s style, including his use...
from $195.00
Rosemaling: A Style a Day (Online)
Have you tried rosemaling but are looking to broaden the range of styles you're comfortable with? This class is for you! Exploring Viksdal, Nordfjord, Setesdal, and Trondelag styles, you'll learn the traditional elements of the style in the morning, work...
from $250.00
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