Play It Again, Ole! by The New Ole Hendricks Orchestra CD
Music for a little dance hall on the prairie from the rare 1890s tune book of Norwegian-born fiddle and band leader Ole Hendricks‚ now revived and reimagined by seasoned Nordic dance musicians, including Vidar Skrede and Beth Hoven Rotto on...
Sing Til The Cows Come Home with CD by Peggy Larson
Kulokk (traditional Norwegian herding call) has taken Larson from Concordia College in Minnesota to teaching positions in Scotland, Corsica, London, Paris, Amsterdam, and even the exotic Amery Wisconsin. This book includes historical notes, vocal techniques, pronunciation guide, plus 19 music...
My Father Was a Fiddler by Foot-Notes - CD
Dance tunes collected in northeast Iowa from descendants of the area's early fiddlers and perform by Foot-Notes in the Norwegian-American style. Band members include Beth Hoven Rotto, Jim Skurdal, Jon Rotto, and Bill Musser. CD, 16 tracks. This special collector's...
Bjärv CD
From the far provinces of Sweden comes the music of Bjärv, an exciting, traditional Swedish Folk Trio. Bjärv's fresh, contemporary interpretations of traditional Swedish folk songs breathe new life into the music of the 18th century. Infused with youthful charm,...
Brumbaskøn CD - Bragernes Church Youth Choir
Bragernes Kirkes Ungdomskor m/solister (Bragernes Church Youth Choir) has 43 members between the ages of 14 and 24. The choir regularly gives concerts and sings in church services. Once a year, the choir travels on tour. In 2007 the choir...
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