Flat-Nose Pliers By Rio Grande
These flat-nose pliers were picked out by instructor Liz Bucheit for the jewelry classes she teaches. Jaw length 1.4" (35.5mm), top width 6.5mm.
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Saami Inspired Bracelet Kit - Black Leather
In the 1600s the Saami culture of Scandinavia used pewter (tin) thread embroidery to create beautiful patterns on reindeer hide and wool clothing. Recently tin thread "braiding" has become popular in the creation of bracelets and necklaces. From jeweler Liz...
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Norwegian Knife Making: Ancient Techniques and Traditions by Håvard Bergland
Now translated into English! Håvard Bergland, renowned Norwegian knifemaker and blacksmith, details the Norwegian history and techniques of making and forging knives. With full-color photographs, diagrams, and detailed descriptions, Bergland gives complete knifemaking instructions, as well as the history and...
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