Face Masks with Norwegian Patterns
Face Masks 100% cotton. Standard size - 6 1/2 inches tall x 8 inches wide.
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Harley Refsal Woodcarving Necktie
For the woodworking enthusiast in your life! This navy blue necktie is printed with the fun and fantastic woodcarving figures of woodcarver Harley Refsal. Recognized nationally and internationally for his woodworking skills, Vesterheim Gold Medalist, Harley Refsal, has received a coveted...
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Norwegian Flag Knitted Hat
Original design by Rokk Norwegian Brand. 100% acrylic. One size fits most. 
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Viking Hat from Susan Fosse
Did the Vikings ever have helmets with horns? Susan Fosse postulates that they did and they may possibly have been knitted in wool, which is why they haven´t survived to this day. This Viking hat has "aerodynamic" horns and a...
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Face Mask - Viking Size
Large size of 7 inches long x 8 1/2 inches wide, with longer ear loops. Patterns vary.
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Vail Men's Sweater from Dale of Norway
A new, weatherproof version of the bestselling Vail sweater. Made with 100% long-lasting Norwegian wool, this water-repellent sweater has a breathable windproof liner and soft cuffs. Add in stain-and-dirt resistance, and you get a perfect sweater for the great outdoors....
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Traditional Solberg Busserull
Hovden Formal Farm Wear creates clothing for today's lifestyle inspired by traditional work clothes, such as the 150-year-old Scandinavian work shirt, the busserull. Handmade by craftsmen in Europe and the United States, these high-quality garments use 100% natural fabrics and...
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Brimse Men’s Jacket from Dale of Norway
Named after a Norwegian island on the West Coast of Norway, where it feels like being transported 50 years back in time. This jacket reflects its history of traditional farming and untouched nature. The design preserves traditional patterns with an...
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Harald Scarf From Dale of Norway
Dale of Norway is known for its long knitting history and quality. Since 1879, Dale has crafted the world's finest knitwear, inspired by beautiful Norwegian patterns and the active Norwegian lifestyle. Today, the collection includes authentic, contemporary, and technical garments...
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Men's Telemark Vest by Vrikke
Grey with off white design and front clasps, 100% wool.The Vrikke line has been owned and designed by Irene Haugland for over 20 years. She takes her inspiration from the nature of Norway and traditional Norwegian designs. Vrikke sweaters and...
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140th Anniversary Men's Jacket from Dale of Norway
This jacket pays homage to the Norwegian knitting tradition Dale has been a part of for 140 years. Made with 100% long-lasting Norwegian wool, this classic sweater features the traditional Norwegian eight-petal rose combined with a pattern from the Setesdal...
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Icewear Baldur Sweater
Be warm, be well! With this classic style pullover Baldur sweater made from light and comfortable Norwegian COTTON! Icewear is in its fifth decade of providing high quality outdoor apparel at very attractive prices. Icewear's clothing line is known under...
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Stavern Vest for Men by Norlender
A lightweight vest with a traditional pattern across the chest. 100% pure new wool. Dark grey, camel. Norlender Knitwear is a family business with origins stretching back nearly 100 years. Their aim is to create contemporary garments inspired by the...
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Oberstdorf Men's Sweater from Dale of Norway
The official team sweater for the Norwegian crosscountry ski team in the 2021 World Championships in Oberstdorf. Inspired by the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in design and colorways with enigmatic electric bursts of energy and glowing bright lights. You could...
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Tyssøy Men's Sweater from Dale of Norway
What do you get if you cross the famous Sotra sweater with the Dale of Norway official sweater from the 1964 Olympic Games in Innsbruck? The best of two worlds! This design combines the complexity of the Sotra pattern (with...
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Dalsete Unisex Sweater from Dale of Norway
The Setesdal design is the most recognizable Norwegian pattern and has been knitted for generations. Time to shake it up! The Dalsete sweater has all the well-known design elements from the Setesdal sweater with a young and stylish look. The...
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