Amitto Cheese Slicer Original Design


This cheese slicer has the original design from 1925, with a curved blade. Used for most solid cheeses. The model has long been known in Norway as the "cheese slicer for brown cheese."

Made in Norway.

Amitto is the newest series of cheese slicers and knives from Bjørklund1925. The name Amitto is taken from Latin and can be translated as rejecting, loosening, or letting go. When cheese comes to room temperature, it can easily stick to the slicer grater. To reduce this problem, Bjørklund1925 has developed Amitto. With a mechanical treatment of the steel, there is a non-stick surface. At the same time, it provides a cheese slicer that cuts better.

The shaft was designed by Joackim Mustad, who wanted to give the cheese slicer the best possible grip while giving it a modern Scandinavian design. In this series you will find models that are suitable for most types of cheese. Amitto from Bjørklund1925 loves the dishwasher and has a 10-year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Color :
Dark Blue
Light Blue
Burnt Orange
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