Vesterheim Blend by Impact Coffee
100% Arabica coffee beans. Vesterheim's chosen blend is rich and smooth. Perfect cup to start your day off right Available in ground or whole bean.
Lingonberry Preserves by Hafi
Ah, the taste of lingonberries—subtle, light, elegant, and delicious with each spoonful. Great as a condiment with many meat dishes, as a spread on pancakes or toast, and as a dessert with whipped cream or in a milkshake. By Hafi...
Anna's Cookies: Ginger Thins
Traditional Scandinavian cookies with a light ginger flavor. 5 1/2 oz.
Nyaker's Pepparkakor Cookie Tin
A must in every Scandinavian home, especially during the holidays. Award-winning Swedish heart-shaped pepparkakor cookies by Nyakers in a red tin with rosemaling! 14.11 oz.
Cloudberry Preserves by Hafi
Cloudberries are plump, orange-yellow berries resembling raspberries. They do belong to the same family; but their flavor is unique, bringing to mind the magnificent mountain marshlands where they flourish in Norway. Great on toast or as a dessert topping! By...
Mors Flatbrød - Flatbread
Delicious flatbread imported from Norway – just like bestemor (grandmother) makes it! God gammel oppskrift! 520 grams.
Nidar Troika – Chocolate With Raspberry, Marzipan & Truffle
Troika is a chocolate-based confection made by Nidar AS of Trondheim, Norway. It consists of three distinct layers, prompting its name "Troika". The top layer is soft raspberry jelly, the middle layer is truffle, and the bottom one is marzipan....
Lingonberries Stirred with Sugar from Lars Own
Tart and sweet wild lingonberries hand-picked from Sweden and preserved in sugar and natural fruit pectin. No preservatives. 14.1 oz. (400 g)
Queens Blend Preserves By Hafi
Savor the taste of the perfect marriage of raspberries and wild blueberries. Great on toast or as a dessert topping! By Hafi from Sweden. 14.1 oz.
Vestland's Lefse
This traditional Norwegian treat can be served with sugar, butter, cinnamon, or any type of jam or spread. Just moisten with water and it's ready to eat. Includes 10 pieces.
Nidar Gullbrød Marzipan Bar
Enjoy this bar of marzipan coated with dark chocolate by Gullbrød. Gullbrød has been loved by Norwegian consumers since 1915.
Cardamom Cookies in a Tub
These cardamom cookies are perfect for the holidays and a must in Scandinavian homes! Cardamom Cookie Tub - Kardemumma Skorpor - Nyakers - 350g
Nordic Vanilla Sugar Sprinkle
Add a sprinkle of vanilla to your baking from Nordic Sprinkle, a family-owned company in Minnesota. 3.7 oz.
Nordic Glogg Mulling Spice
Bring the taste and aroma of a Scandinavian Christmas to your home! Glögg Mulling Spice Blend will become a favorite. Sufficient blend of cinnamon, orange zest, allspice, and cloves to prepare 6 half-gallon batches of mulled wine or cider. 3.6...
Nordic Cinnamon Sugar Sprinkle
A Scandinavian blend of sugar and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla from Nordic Sprinkle, a family-owned company in Minnesota. 3.7 oz.
Nidar Stratos – Bubbly Milk Chocolate Bar
Enjoy delicious airy milk chocolate in a big 150 gram bar by Nidar.

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