Thorvald's Cream of Lutefisk Soup Mug
Use this mug for a cup of hot lutefisk soup on a chilly day. Bring those memories back to life and be the hit at the next lutefisk dinner! Mug can also hold other beverages like coffee or tea. It...
Uff Da! Dented Mug
Ten ounce, porcelain white mug with dented shape and red Uff da! print. The "dent" says it all – fun gift for anyone with Norwegian heritage.
Mug with Rosemaling by Nordic Folk
Wheel-thrown stoneware mug with handpainted rosemaling. 4 1/2 inches tall x 3 inches wide. Comes in both Os and Telemark rosemaling styles. Available only at Vesterheim!
Wooden Baby Spoon
Hand-carved by Jeff Ward. Comfort fit for adult hands to feed your little Norse!
Vesterheim Low Ball Cocktail Glass
Perfect for a simple cocktail or your favorite liquor over ice. Holds 10 oz.
Hiking Cure Pint Glass
This clear pint glass features the phrase, "Hiking, Mother Nature's Miracle Medicine. Refreshing, Rejuvenating, Restorative. Alleviates: Stress, Melancholy, Boredom, Irritability, Sleeplessness, Pallor, Loss of vVitality, Apathy, Tedium, Listlessness, Discontent, bad Temper, and Much More!" Makes a unique gift for any...
Juice Cup with Rosemaling by Nordic Folk
Wheel-thrown stoneware juice cup with handpainted rosemaling in the Telemark style. 3 inches tall x 3 inches wide.  Available only at Vesterheim!
Maxi Straw Mug from Porsgrund Factory
White porcelain with blue design from Porsgrund Factory in Norway. Stands 3.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide. 8 oz.
Icelandic Glass from Dwarfware
Dwarfware connects modern design with ancient Nordic cultural heritage in high quality creations with historical references and storytelling.
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