Our Favorites Through The Years
Vesterheim Museum Scandinavian Food Fest 1991-2002 These recipes, which were used during a food festival at Vesterheim, kept people coming year after year. Softcover, 40 pp.
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North Wild Kitchen: Home Cooking from the Heart of Norway by Nevada Berg
This alluring, elegant cookbook by one of today's most celebrated food bloggers features recipes and beautifully photographed dishes that delve into the heart of Norwegian food culture. Hardcover.
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Rolling Pin Covers by Bethany Housewares
100% cotton stretch knit to fit standard rolling pins.Set of 2-15 inches long.Made in the USA.
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Lefse Turning Stick with Kolrosing Design
Be inspired while you make lefse with this beautiful lefse-turning stick decorated with a kolrosing design by Lanesboro, Minnesota, artisan Lynn Susag.
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Sugar Spoon
Delicately dust your baked goods with powdered sugar, nutmeg, or cinnamon using this novel sugar spoon.
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Mega Spatula Scoop by Norpro
Jumbo spatula is over 7.5 inches wide, making it possible to scoop up many treats at once!Includes handle-hole to hang for easy storage.Safe for nonstick pans.High heat resistant to 450°F/235°C.Top rack dishwasher safe.
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Rosemalers' Recipes
This beautiful Vesterheim classic was compiled by rosemaler Betty Dowe and her committee in 1987. Bringing together foodways and rosemaling, the collection is decorated throughout with full-color rosemaling paintings and black-and-white designs, and complete with all of your favorite recipes...
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Marius Pattern Mini Spatula Set
The Marius pattern, designed in 1953, is the most knitted pattern in Norway. It is considered a Norwegian icon, symbolizing the Norwegian's passions for the outdoors and their love of Norwegian nature. Use this set of 2 mini spatulas for...
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Hedgehog Silicone Dish Brush by Norpro
Can be used as a pot holder and also as a lint brush when dry. Easy to clean and quick drying. Just drop in the dishwasher... no more residue!Hedgehog eye can be used as a hook hole with chain for hanging...
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Jul: Swedish American Holiday Traditions by Patrice Johnson
Christmas traditions, particularly those involving food, often honor our ancestors. Throughout the Midwest where Swedish immigrants settled, the dishes placed on the julbord (Christmas table) tell stories about who we are, where we come from, where we are heading, and...
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Pastry Board and Cloth Set by Bethany Housewares
Includes drawstring tie cloth & 19” hardboard circle. Cloth features circle lines for precise rolling of dough – 10″, 12″ & 14″. This set works for nice thin rolling of Lefse, pie crusts, cookies & more. Made in the USA.
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Multi Zest/Grate and Store
Quickly zest lemons, limes, and oranges. Finely grate ginger, almonds, and chocolate. Lid doubles as a small cutting surface for slicing. Save shavings in the clear base.
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Rosette/Timbale Set
Made from cast aluminum with wood handle. Recipes and instructions included.
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Scandinavian Style Fish and Seafood Recipes by Melinda Bradnan with illustrations by David Fitzsimmons
A full "kettle of fish" from a number of sources – old, authentic Scandinavian cookbooks; some of the best Scandinavian cooks; and the author's own cache. Includes tips and hints for the key to preparing delicious fish dishes, even caviar and...
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Marius Pattern Pot Holder
Accent your kitchen in Nordic style with this beautiful Marius pattern! Regarded as the Norwegian National Sweater, the Marius pattern is a Norwegian icon and is known as the most sold and knitted hand-knit pattern in Norway.
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