Tilbehør til Bunad Lag det selv (Accessories for the Bunad: Make It Yourself)
Published by Smøyg Forlag. Step-by-step instructions, embroidery pattern illustrations, and full-color photographs. Norwegian text. Softcover.
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Popular Bunader by Laila Durán
Intended as an introduction to some of the most popular bunads in Norway, this book presents more than 30 festive bunads made in the early 1900s from all over the country. There are 100 colorful photographs and short historical summaries....
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Bunadsliv Frå handsaum til industri by Åse Vigdis Festervoll
This important book sets Norwegian national costume into a social context and food, flagging, knowledge, quality, local identity, and use are discussed and critically examined. Bunader are part of a living, cultural heritage, used and valued still today. The bunad...
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Brudedrakt Og Krone fra sju prestegjeld edited by Heidi Fossness
Edited by Heidi Fossnes. Bridal articles reprinted from Bunad magazine, plus some not shown before. Full-color photographs, Norwegian text. Softcover.
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Bunader Og Tradisjoner Fra Setesdal by Laila Durán
This book is about the traditions and bunader of Setesdal in Norway. It includes hundreds of full-color photos, taken throughout the year, following the seasons and work on the farms. With emphasis on everyday life, handicraft, and the local textile tradition,...
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Broderte Bunader (Embroidered Bunads), A hundred years of bunad history Text by Anne Kristin Moe and photography by Laila Durán
For the first time, embroidered bunader of the 1900s are put into their historical context. As one of few in Norway doing research on bunader, cultural historian Anne Kristin Moe explains why and how the first embroidered bunader were designed...
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