Balancing: Poems of the Female Immigrant Experience in the Upper Midwest, 1830-1930 by Kathleen Ernst
The poems in Balancing were inspired by the experiences of women, who, in the 19th and early 20th centuries, sought new homes in the Upper Midwest. The first waves of pioneers, predominantly Yankees from Northeastern states, were soon followed by...
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Tollef Svennungsen Journal
From September 4, 1844 to October 14, 1925. A Norwegian immigrant's journal, Decorah, Iowa; Cass County, North Dakota; and Stoughton, Wisconsin. Translated from Norwegian to English and research by Don L. Berg; transcription and research by Joan (Soland) Landenberger; and genealogy...
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Counterfeiter: How A Norwegian Jew Survived The Holocaust by
This is an enthralling personal account of the secret Nazi project, Operation Bernhard, devised to destabilize the British and, later, American economies by creating and putting into circulation millions of counterfeit banknotes. A team of typographers and printers was pulled...
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Paddle Pilgrim, Kayaking the Fjords of Norway by David Ellingson
Paddle Pilgrim chronicles a month-long paddle adventure on the magnificent Sogne and Hardanger Fjords in Norway, where the author's ancestors emigrated to America in the 1850s. An epic narrative is told with daily detailed accounts of experiences on the water...
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Rediscovered: A Century-Old Diary By Iduna Bertel Field
Diary entries and photographs by fifteen-year-old Iduna Bertel Field who wrote about her life in Pillager, Minnesota, in 1913-14. Compiled by Dean and Geraldine Schwarz with help from Elizabeth Field Hogan. Softcover.
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Mission To The City by Karl Holm
This book records Karl Holm's personal account of his work in Orkenen Sur, a shanty town in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, New York, during the worst years of the Depression. Holm immigrated to the United States from Norway in...
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Wilderness Homestead by Helga Gilbertson Rostvit and Ellen Skoglie Gilbertson
A true story of a Scandinavian pioneer family in Minnesota. The passing of the Homestead Act in 1862, which granted 160 acres of land free to those who would become citizens, and who were willing to undergo hardships to settle...
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The Diary of Elizabeth Koren 1853-1855 by David T Nelson
Else Elisabeth Hysing, an upper-class Norwegian woman, married Ulrik Vilhelm Koren on August 18, 1853 and, almost immediately afterward, the couple made the perilous Atlantic Crossing to America, where her husband had been called to serve as the first Lutheran...
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The Curve of Her Life: Folk Artist Laura Hjelle Hoeg by Carol Hoeg Oliver
Laura Hjelle Hoeg was a major contributor to the 1950s revival of rosemaling in America and famous for her version of the painted Norwegian nisse. Carol Hoeg Oliver's biography is a thoroughly researched, conversationally written story of her mother's search...
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Olive Jensen Nordby: A Retrospective of Her Art, Edited By Ingrid M. and Jay L. Jensen
This large-format, hardcover, all-color art book records many of the life-long artistic accomplishments of Olive Jensen Nordby. The 37 woodcut prints and 10 paintings reproduced in the volume demonstrate Nordby's love of nature, light, color, and form. The 120-page volume...
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Voyage Of The TradeWind by Harald M. Hamran
The logbook and diary of the voyage that Harald Hamran and his brother Hans made between Norway and America in 1933 on a 25-foot sailboat. Their ship, TradeWind, is one of the most popular artifacts at Vesterheim.Softcover, 80 pp.
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