Krumkake Baker from CucinaPro
The CucinaPro Krumkake Baker makes two 5-inch Scandinavian cookies in 30 seconds. The cookies have a traditional, intricate design that is bound to impress guests. Features non-stick grids for easy clean up. Hand wash grids after use.
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Multi Zest/Grate and Store
Quickly zest lemons, limes, and oranges. Finely grate ginger, almonds, and chocolate. Lid doubles as a small cutting surface for slicing. Save shavings in the clear base.
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Rosette/Timbale Set
Made from cast aluminum with wood handle. Recipes and instructions included.
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Marius Pattern Pot Holder
Accent your kitchen in Nordic style with this beautiful Marius pattern! Regarded as the Norwegian National Sweater, the Marius pattern is a Norwegian icon and is known as the most sold and knitted hand-knit pattern in Norway.
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Scandinavian Style Fish and Seafood Recipes by Melinda Bradnan with illustrations by David Fitzsimmons
A full "kettle of fish" from a number of sources – old, authentic Scandinavian cookbooks; some of the best Scandinavian cooks; and the author's own cache. Includes tips and hints for the key to preparing delicious fish dishes, even caviar and...
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Heart Basket Cookie Stamp - Rycraft
Follow an old Scandinavian custom and use Rycraft stamps to decorate cookies for your special event – Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays, school treats. Each stamp is handmade from natural red clay and glazed with vibrant colors. Comes with a recipe booklet....
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Circle of Love Hearts Cookie Stamp - Rycraft
Handcrafted clay stamps follow the Scandinavian custom of decorating cookies with designs from carved stamps. Handmade from natural red clay and glazed with vibrant colors. Each stamp comes with a booklet of hints and recipes. Two inches diameter.
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Munch's The Scream Lithograph Spatula
From the lithograph of the famous painting by Norwegian Edvard Munch! This fun spatula has a sturdy wood handle and heat resistant silicone.From Eyepoc of Norway. 12 inches.
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Lacy Heart Cookie Stamp - Rycraft
Follow an old Scandinavian custom and use a Rycraft stamp to decorate cookies for your special event – Valentine's Day, birthdays, school treats, Christmas. Each stamp is handmade from natural red clay and the handle is glazed with vibrant blue. Two-inches...
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Lefse Starter Kit by Bethany Housewares
Do you want to make lefse, but aren't sure where to start? This kit includes everything you need so you can make this tasty Norwegian classic for any occasion.Includes a lefse stick, corrugated rolling pin, rolling pin covers, pastry board...
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North The New Nordic Cuisine of Iceland by Gunnar Karl Gislason & Jody Eddy
Gunnar Karl Gislason opened Restaurant Dill in Reykjavik in 2009. His contemporary cooking, which celebrates Iceland's pristine ingredients and artisanal producers, has garnered international acclaim and media. Dill has been nominated for the Nordic Prize and has won Iceland's "Restaurant...
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Heavy Duty Potato Ricer by Bethany Housewares
Heavy duty 12-inch potato ricer, allows for easy use and comes apart for fast clean up.
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Troll Cutting Board by Jock Holman
By Jock Holman, Vesterheim Gold Medalist. Made from birdseye maple, 3‚/4 inch thick with walnut oil finish. 14 1/2 inches tall.
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Love Birds Pot Mats from Klippan
From Klippan Natural Textiles in Sweden.Hand-felted from 100% wool, 9 x 8.5 inches.
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Lefse Rolling Pin (Square Cut) by Bethany Housewares
Square cut hardwood rolling pin for lefse and a variety of other options! 10 by 3 inches diameter.
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