Almond Extract from Cooks
For your Scandinavian treats – cookies, cakes, and more!  4 oz. bottle
Bearnaise Sauce from Toro
Toro Bearnaise is a very popular sauce that is perfect for beef, fried, or grilled meat and fish.
Cloudberry Preserves by Hafi
Cloudberries are plump, orange-yellow berries resembling raspberries. They do belong to the same family; but their flavor is unique, bringing to mind the magnificent mountain marshlands where they flourish in Norway. Great on toast or as a dessert topping! By...
Creamed Peas from Toro
TORO creamed yellow peas is a classic! Perfect as a side to many dishes, especially meatballs and lutefisk. Just add water, boil, and it's ready in 15 minutes.
Jacobsens Classic Cookie Tin
Add this tin of Jacobsen's Classic Nostalgia Assorted Danish Cookies to your holiday treats. 5.29 oz
Lars Own Pearl Sugar
Swedish pearl sugar is all natural and is used to decorate cinnamon rolls, cookies and cakes. Pure white granules of sugar retain their appearance and will not melt under oven temperatures. Recipe included on the back of the resealable pouch.
Lars Own Vanilla Powdered Sugar
Elevate your foods and hot beverages with Lars Own ® Vanilla Powdered Sugar. Popular throughout Europe, this flavored sugar is perfect in cakes and cookies, on fresh fruit, added to whipped cream, or stirred into coffee, hot tea or cocoa....
Mashed Root Vegetables from Toro
Rot Mos, or mashed root vegetables, is a classic Scandinavian dish that is being rediscovered. It is healthy and easy to make, and is made with five different root vegetables: Potatoes Kohlrabi Carrot Parsnip Celery
Nordic Cinnamon Sugar Sprinkle
A Scandinavian blend of sugar and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla from Nordic Sprinkle, a family-owned company in Minnesota. 3.7 oz.
Nordic Vanilla Sugar Sprinkle
Add a sprinkle of vanilla to your baking from Nordic Sprinkle, a family-owned company in Minnesota. 3.7 oz.
Nordqvist Mint Chocolate Tea
This novelty mint chocolate tea is ready to melt the heart of every chocolate lover. The tea combines the flavors of cool mint, rich chocolate and high-quality black tea. It's perfect as a dessert as well as to satisfy a...
Ole and Lena Spice Blend
Us folks with a Norwegian background don’t like things too spicy, don’t ya know. Even black pepper is getting’ a little too much for us to take. Now our friend, Sven, he’s from down south in Sweden, and they even...
Pepper Sauce from Toro
TORO pepper sauce is a classic that adds great flavor to steak, chops, fish, and chicken. Feel free to add a little cooking cream for a milder sauce. Easy to like, easy to make.
Potato Dumpling from Toro
TORO Raspeballer is a Norwegian food tradition that goes well with salted mutton, sausage and bacon—and preferably with TORO Kålrabisappe. Easy to like, easy to make.
Queens Blend Preserves By Hafi
Savor the taste of the perfect marriage of raspberries and wild blueberries. Great on toast or as a dessert topping! By Hafi from Sweden. 14.1 oz.
Vesterheim Blend by Impact Coffee
100% Arabica coffee beans. Vesterheim's chosen blend is rich and smooth. Perfect cup to start your day off right Available in ground or whole bean.

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