Butter Keeper by Norpro
Crock holds one stick (1/2 cup) of butter while maintaining the ideal temperature for fresh flavor and easy spreading. Enjoy soft, spreadable butter without refrigeration.
Celtic Carving Kuska Wooden Cup
Beautifully crafted one at a time by Joel Dornel-Zoni of Blue Frogs. Every step of the carving process is done by hand with great attention to detail and, as a finishing touch, a French paste wax is buffed into the...
from $100.00
Club Rocking Tumbler Set by Sagaform
Sagaform Club Rocking Tumbler, set of six.The Club Rocking Tumblers by Sagaform will rock your drink back and forth. without the fear of tipping over and spilling your drink. This set makes a great gift for any occasion.
Icelandic Glass from Dwarfware
Dwarfware connects modern design with ancient Nordic cultural heritage in high quality creations with historical references and storytelling.
Norg Tankard by Deneen Pottery with Vesterheim Design
If you want an extra large cup of shut-the-front-door or a sturdy mug of cold delicious brew, this mug is for you. It holds 16-18 oz. and is hand crafted by the quality craftsman at Deneen Pottery. While every custom...
Norwegian Table Prayer Trivet
The traditional Norwegian Table Prayer in Norwegian and English. Trivet/Tile is 6 x 6 inches, with cork back and hook for easy hanging.
Os Rosemaling Cup by Nordic Folk
Handcrafted ceramic cup with hand-painted rosemaling design. 3.5 inches tall x and 3 inches wide. Comes in Os rosemaling style.
Pepin Mug with by Deneen Pottery with Vesterheim Design
Designed exclusively by Peter Deneen, the Pepin Mug is named after his Wisconsin pottery studio, Pepin Farm. The sleek design is feminine, fun, and sure to make a statement! While every custom mug is almost identical, each drink ware piece...
Petite Tumbler by Deneen Pottery with Vesterheim Design
At just over 3.25 inches tall, the Petite Tumbler is perfect for kids and kids at heart! These little pottery cups pair perfectly with apple juice, crayons, and whimsical artwork. While every custom mug is almost identical, each drink ware...
Spice Glasses Set of Two by Byon
Make a statement with ByON’s Spice Glasses. This ball-stem martini glass set makes it easy to serve beverages or desserts in style. These beautiful glasses feature a colored ball-stem that adds a playful touch to your glassware collection. This must-have glass is...
Spring Flower Cup by Nordic Folk
Handcrafted ceramic cup with hand-painted rosemaling design. 3.5” tall.
Syttende Mai - Trivet Designed by Suzanne Toftey
Designed by Vesterheim Gold Medalist Suzanne Toftey. 6 X 6 inches, cork back with hook for easy hanging.
Thorvald's Cream of Lutefisk Soup Mug
Use this mug for a cup of hot lutefisk soup on a chilly day. Bring those memories back to life and be the hit at the next lutefisk dinner! Mug can also hold other beverages like coffee or tea. It...
Vesterheim Low Ball Cocktail Glass
Perfect for a simple cocktail or your favorite liquor over ice. Holds 10 oz.
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