Løgum Kloster Lys Ball Candles - White
Set of four ball-shaped candles. Candles burn approximately 6 hours each. Dimensions: 2 1/2"
Nordlys Candle from Kamseen
This sophisticated scent is smooth and smoky and accented by warm tobacco tones, topped by sweet rum and zesty citrus fruits. It will enchant you just like the heavenly Northern Lights! Rich clove embraces the full-boded and balsamic tones of...
Samisk Candle from Kamseen
With a fragrance of dampened firewood, Samisk emphasizes the nomadic lifestyle of the tribes of Scandinavia. A harmonious blend of orange and cinnamon open this fragrance followed by close, freesia, sweet vanilla, and amber, all coming to rest on a...
Trolls Candle from Kamseen
Although trolls are known for their unpleasant aroma, Kamseen chose the best pleasant fragrance for this candle! When lit, you'll feel a welcoming woody aroma to remind you of the mountains and caves of the homes of these mystical creatures....
Vase or Candle Holder Calore Series from ByON
The Calore Series from ByOn is handmade of thick glass and lasts for a very long time. Use it as a candlestick, a vase, or for serving.  3.93" L x 3.93" W x 3.93" H.
Vikings Candle from Kamseen
A masculine fragrance that bring to mind the mighty Vikings. It has delicious top notes of apple, berries, and bergamot, which lead into a dark mysterious heart of rose and spiced patchouli and lies on a soft bed of oakmoss and musk. Burn Time...
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