The Legend of Randine: Entering the Sisterhood by Robin Lysne

Based on a true story, set in Bergen, Norway in the 1820’s, this warm-hearted work of historical fiction traces the life of Randine, a young, pregnant girl abandon by her family and church. She encounters terrible loss and rejection, only to find herself under the wing of her midwife and mentor, Ursula. Ursula helps to bring Randine through her grief and into the knowledge of midwifery, where she finds her life’s work in support of others like herself.

As her story unfolds, Randine becomes stronger through her inner revelations rather than placing her faith in the local church. Ursula helps interpret and guide Randine as she experiences dreams and visions of the ancient Norse tradition, the Sisterhood of Freya. The Sisterhood is a supportive group of women, in the Viking tradition, who help other women step into their authentic selves. Her initiation into the Sisterhood changes Randine's life. Along the way, Randine opens her heart to love again.

Randine becomes one of many midwifes who were part of a population boom in the early part of the 19th century. "The Legend of Randine" tells the story of how one young woman grew and matured, despite social norms and restrictions, to move into service and healing for others in the same predicament.

The author shares this story of her great-great-great-great Grandmother, Randine, honoring an everyday hero of healing and service. This is the first book in the author's new Ancestral Woman's Series. The second book in this series shares the exciting next chapters in Randine life as she builds a career and discovers new love among the fields and fjords of Laerdal, a tiny village 150 miles inland in the backwater of the Sogn og Fjordane of Western Norway.
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