Snout About Town: A Tale of Precocious Canines and Their Personal Assistants by Petrine Day Mitchum


With drawings by Russell Jones and color by Peggy Lindt.

For dog lovers of all ages, this tale for precocious canines and their personal assistants will warm your heart and tickle your fancy. Buster Keaton Browne (BKB) is a mischievous young shelter dog who is adopted by the mysterious, glamorous movie star, Lady B. They live the high life at the Famous Fabulous Hollywood Towers where BKB's personal assistant Maggie tends to his every need. Buster dreams of stardom and gets his big break when he guest stars in a movie with Lady B.

When Lady B. is nominated for a Bald Guy Gold Statue, Buster accompanies her to the awards ceremony. An encounter with a homeless dog on the Red Rug becomes a life-changing experience... A portion of all sales will benefit shelter dogs who hope to follow in Buster's paw prints.


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