Reindeer Antler Ring by Launo Njunnas and Teresa Faris


This is a piece from the exhibit Sámi Dreams: Portraits of Resilience in the Norwegian Arctic.

Size: 7.5 Norwegian Wild Reindeer

No Discounts If shipping is requested, we will contact you in November 2023 with an additional shipping charge.

Pick up: November 1-15, 2023

Launo Njunnás is a self-taught craftsman from tiny village of northern Finland close to the Norwegian border. He has been educated as a graphic designer. He used to work as reindeer man and bird trapper during winter months. He started to make traditional crafts at the age of 11 and over 20 years he has discovered a wide area of craft making from boat building to traditional leather work to wood and antler crafts. The antlers are collected during his hikes in Norwegian wilderness.

Teresa Faris of Whitewater, Wisconsin, has Sámi ancestry. 

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