Draken Ship Ornament 2022


Enjoy the first edition of this new series based on Scandinavian Icons that made the area a source of innovation over the centuries.

Scandinavia is an area both rich in history and folk art. Historians have identified over 100 various Scandinavian Icons that are typical to the Scandinavian region. Experience these famous Scandinavian Icons through this collectible Christmas Ornament Series.

Each porcelain ornament measures 2.75 inches in diameter and is hand silkscreened in the underglazed cobalt blue colors for which Scandinavia has been famous for over 200 years.

Nothing so typifies and sets Scandinavia apart from the rest of the world quite like their ships. 

The Viking "Draken" Great Ship was chosen to begin this series of Scandinavian Icons. These ships were centuries ahead of their time and enabled the Vikings to roam far and wide with ease even in the harshest sea conditions. 

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