Irish Stag Necklace


Eiré: The Celtic Collection by Nirvana

This beautiful, lead-free pewter pendant representing a Irish Stag.

The Stag is one of the deepest animal symbols the European people ever found. The Stag is said to be the consort of the great Goddess, who found his lover yearly, while in a human form, at the festival of Beltane, the Rite of Spring. The stag is a very sensitive animal. His full awareness can be triggered by any subtle sound. The snap of a twig or an unknown smell can send them running unerringly through a maze of branches. The Stag is also blessed with graceful, lordly movements, making it seem a natural metaphor for maturity.

Pendant dimensions: 1.31in L x 1.13in W

Chain length: 33in

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