Felemakarar i Telemark (The fiddle makers of Telemark) by Asbjørn Storesund and Ottar Kåsa


This book provides information about the most important fiddle makers from Telemark, along with pictures of selected instruments from the last 150 years. Includes a catalog with color photos of the collection held by Bø Museum with color photos.

Although the Hardanger fiddle saw the light of day in Hardanger, it was in Telemark that it really came of age. Excellent Hardanger fiddle makers in Telemark could already be found in the 1700s. Around 1860 the brothers Erik J. Helland and Eilev J. Steintjønndal developed the modern version of the Hardanger fiddle in Bø. For four generations the Hellend-Steintjønndalen clan continued to play a central role in the development of the Hardanger fiddle. Other highly qualified fiddle makers joined the Telemark tradition of fiddle making during the twentieth century, and together all played an essential part in the development of Hardanger fiddle music loved and played today.

Text in Norwegian and English. Hardcover.

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