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Fast Drying Glaze Medium from Chroma's Jo Sonja


A water-based acrylic medium that allows the artist to control the intensity and consistency of the paint, as well as provide transparency of color to Jo Sonja Artists’ and Background Colors. Dries to a clear, matte finish. 250 ml (8.4 oz) bottle.

“The new Fast Drying Glaze Medium is wonderful! It has solved the problem we had when using Gel Retarder over Clear Glaze Medium. We can now use Gel Retarder over Fast Drying Glaze Medium with no lifting or dissolving of the barrier coat. Also, it is very easy to apply Fast Drying Glaze Medium as a protective coat over a finished painting before varnishing. This makes your Polyurethane Varnish very easy to apply, cuts down streaking, less drag, etc., etc., etc. I love it and I hope you will try it and see what I mean.” — Jo Sonja Jansen

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