Dining Room Table Miniature by Kristine Bauer


This is an Embellishment exhibit piece. Available to pick up or have shipped after January 5, 2024.

Artist Statement: As a little girl I had a friend named Olga. Her grandmother emigrated from Bergen, Norway, and brought with her marvelous miniature rosemaled furniture. I learned about the Telemark rosemaling style from Olga and her grandmother.

I grew up with a Scandinavian family and friends. Rosemaling was displayed proudly. I have 15 years of active rosemaling myself and have taken advantage of the many classes provided during COVID-19. Telemark style is my favorite style. I have been in love with the design and style ever since my childhood.

Dimensions: table – h 5” x L 4 ½” chairs – h 3 ½”

Materials: wood

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If shipping is requested, we will contact you in January with an additional shipping charge.

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