Chaos to Wisdom Weaving by Janette Gross


This is an Embellishment exhibit piece. Available to pick up or have shipped after January 5, 2024.

Artist Statement: Runes have always fascinated me. Rather than carving them in stone, I used soumak (weaving technique) to add texture and embellish my tapestry to tell a story of moving from chaos to wisdom and understanding. I am exploring wedge weave which originated with blankets woven by the Diné Nation (Navajo) in the late 19th century. Wedge weave is woven diagonally which distorts the warp and results in scalloped edges. I add a card-woven edge to further define the scallops and create a neat and even selvedge. I mostly use wool singles, adding an additional twist to better reflect light.

I naturally dye wool and weave with it but sometimes add silk, cotton, plastic, or whatever is called for in the piece. This is part of my climate change series to encourage others to take care of the planet. I live in Santa Cruz with my husband and dog Finnegan.

Dimensions: h 28” x w 30”

Materials: wool warp and weft

Runes, from left to right:


(top) Challenge (bottom) Hopes/ fears/ water



War/battle/victory/honor/ justice


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