Celtic Hawk Necklace


Eiré: The Celtic Collection by Nirvana

This beautiful, lead-free pewter pendant representing a Celtic Hawk.

The Hawk is a bird of prey; one invested with amazing speed, keen eyesight, a powerful grip, and complete freedom. The Hawk, like other birds of prey, was thought of as a warrior animal. Both the Hawk and the Human warrior need alertness and careful observation. This animal spirit is said to bestow the gifts of the far-sight and of clairvoyance. The Hawk's flight, with it's speed and accuracy, is symbolic of the Shaman's flight to other worlds, where only to think of the destination is enough to arrive there. It's journey into the cold and clear flights reminds is of our power to go beyond the confines of this plane, and to the heights of spirit.

Pendant dimensions: 1.56in L x 1in W

Cord length: 33in

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